Years of Experience


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Corporate Philosophy

The number of solutions, the complexity of tools and the requirements of our customers are continuously increasing. Online marketing is an extensive field in which not a week goes by without new insights. That is why our way of working focuses on simplifying complex topics in a structured manner and checking solutions for feasibility directly: hands-on analytics with measurable success.

Through constant exchange, we optimally link different areas of knowledge with each other and can apply a broad skill set and a fast learning factor to new projects and tasks. Innovation and the use of the latest technologies are just as important to us as a hands-on mentality and the focus on short and medium-term implementability of new opportunities.

Tool Skills

Adobe Analytics 100%
Adobe DTM / Adobe Launch 100%
Adobe Mobile Services 100%
Adobe Target (Recommendations, Search & Promote) 100%
Tableau Software 100%
Google Tag Manager 100%
ObservePoint Audits 90%
Google Universal Analytics 80%
Adobe Audience Manager 70%
Tealium iQ Tag Management 50%
Adobe I/O 50%
SAP Business Objects 50%

General Skills

Project Management 100%
Automated Reporting 100%
Data Visualization 100%
Tag Testing 100%
HTML 100%
CSS 100%
JavaScript 100%
PHP 50%
MySQL 50%
ETL 50%
Python 50%
R 50%

Custom Assigment

Are you looking for a reliable partner for your next project? Depending on your needs, we act as an agency with combined manpower or individually as an external person. We can work remotely from our office in Mannheim, Germany, and on-site at your office. From fixed days and weeks blocked for you to a dynamically allocatable support budget: we are happy to meet your requirements. We look forward to working with you!