Digital Analytics

Digital Analytics includes the collection, measurement, analysis, visualization and interpretation of digital data. That way you find out how users behave on your websites and apps. The knowledge gained can be used to determine customer needs and optimize the user experience, as well as improve the ROI for your marketing and the overall performance of the company. The basis for this is a professional Solution Design, which determines all important parameters for the configuration of the Digital Analytics tools.

  • Adobe Analytics
  • Google Universal Analytics

A/B Testing & Personalization

Personalizing each user experience is the goal of testing and personalization. We help you with the cross-channel, automated creation of tests to identify the wishes and needs of your customers and then make them applicable. Nowhere else in the digital world can testing and experimentation be carried out so precisely with relative low costs. Fast recognition enables quick learning. A/B testing is the easiest way to compare two different page designs. Multivariate testing is similar to A/B tests. However, it is possible to compare a larger number of variables and the combination of these and their influence on one another. Both of these methods are powerful optimization methods that will help you to quickly increase the conversion rate.

  • Adobe Target
  • Google Optimizer
  • Optimizely

Tag Management

Tags are code elements that are integrated into your website in order to transfer complex information to a tool and thus to implement tracking tasks quickly and efficiently. A tag management system is used to place a JavaScript snippet on your website, with which you can control which tags are set when via a graphical interface. The data obtained is then passed on to analytics and marketing tools.

The advantages of using tag management systems are the speed of data acquisition and flexibility. Marketing tags can be outsourced to a tag management system, resulting in a maximum data control through standardization and the possibility of short-term implementation independent of internal IT release cycles.

  • Adobe Launch
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Tealium

Campaign Tracking & Attribution

Multi-channel Campaign Tracking enables an evaluation of your cross-channel marketing measures, e.g. your display ads, social media ads or Adwords campaigns and collaborations. We enable you to find out how much traffic a campaign has brought to your site, how high the conversion rate is and how much revenue was be generated by a campaign. This way, we can attach a price tag to every lead or sale.

Choosing the right attribution model makes it possible to add value to the various offline and online channels that have contributed to the lead or purchase of a product – even if the user takes several days and weeks to convert.

  • Advertising Cloud
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Google Analytics

Audience Management

Audience management enables a holistic customer view by linking information from different sources. This enables you to create target group profiles and clusters. These profiles are then used to coordinate the cross-channel distribution of marketing messages in order to better understand your customers and to properly target each individual.

  • Adobe Audience Manager
  • Google Audience Center

Enterprise Reporting

Meaningful, quickly available reporting is the cornerstone of actionable analytics. Make decision-relevant information in the company available so that, in addition to managers and departments, all employees of your company such as editors and product designers develop an awareness of which measures in their daily work lead to maximum success. After we have determined the necessary key performance indicators and checked the significance of analyzes over a certain period of time, we visualize results automatically or semi-automatically in order to quickly identify potential improvements and work them out.

  • Adobe Analytics Workspace
  • Adobe Analytics Report Builder
  • Tableau
  • Supermetrics
  • Google Data Studio

Quality Assurance & Tag Testing

Undetected implementation errors sooner or later lead to major problems and weaken confidence in the quality of the data in the long term. To prevent this, quality assurance with a final approval must take place after each implementation. The validity of the data should be continuously checked and tested. Continuous automated monitoring, e.g. with ObservePoint Audits is an efficient approach. We would be happy to support you in analyzing and optimizing existing tracking, develop a quality assurance concept or to automate testing.

  • ObservePoint WebAssurance
  • ObservePoint AppAssurance
  • Charles


Your company already has a digital analytics department, but your employees need technical support for troubleshooting or are facing analytics challenges? We are your central point of contact and will be happy to help you as experts through ticket-based, prompt processing of various inquiries. We are also be happy to set up an internal white label help desk for your company.

  • Atlassian Jira